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Business Type: Harness

George Beacock

George Beacock was a harness maker in the village from 1873 to 1876, and was remembered as a crack shot in the Volunteer Company militia. He visited the Falls again in August 1883 and E.D. Hand reported that he had set up shop in Brockville making trunks and valises, a businesses that was more profitable […]

M. Carter [or James?]

An “M. Carter” is listed in the September 1871 edition of D&B as a harness maker. “James Carter”, a 28 year-old, English-born, harness maker in Fenelon Township appears in the 1871 Census. They may the same person. In any event both Carters vanish from the record by 1872.

Richard Cooper

Richard Cooper opened out his new harness shop in late March or early April 1884, renting a shop owned by William Jordan on the west side of Colborne Street. A few weeks after he commenced business he was burnt out in the great fire of 21 April 1884. By May a new frame shop was […]

Thomas Derry

Thomas Derry is listed as a harness maker in the July 1871 edition of D&B, and continued to be listed throughout 1872. The 1871 Census states Derry’s was a new establishment, operating 12 month a year, with Derry as the only employee. Although he kept no accounts of the total production his “aggregate value” was […]

Frank H. Magee

Frank Magee was in business well before April 1891 when he moved from his old stand on Francis St. East to a shop “one door south of the Mechanic’s Institute” [FFG 3 April 1891; 4]. According to a 1928 Gazette article1 [FFPL 28.19A] Magee had been “associated with the business life of Fenelon Falls since […]

Magee & Jewell

In addition to Frank Magee D&B lists a “Magee & Jewell” in its March 1895 edition. The entry appears only once, so the partnership may have dissolved after only a few months. The dissolution of this partnership may have resulted in F.H. Magee being listed as an insolvent in February 1896 [see above], although there […]

Isabella (Mrs. Joseph) Nevison

Isabella Nevison is identified in the directories as the wife of Joseph Nevison. After September 1899 she is often listed in D&B as the sole owner of the family business, although Joseph was certainly still active (see below). Whatever her role, she was a co-participant in the operation of the business.

J.J. (Joseph J.) Nevison

Joseph Nevison was born in Winton, England, and came to Canada with his parents, settling in Verulam Township. The 22 year-old Nevison is listed in the 1871 Census as a harness maker in Somerville Township. In 1876 he opened shop in Fenelon Falls; “A new harness shop is opened here by Mr. Nevison [sic]. He […]

Thomas E. Nevison

Thomas Nevison is listed in the 1871 census as a 35 year-old, English-born harness maker in Fenelon Township. Thomas was certainly working in a shop either with or alongside John Nevison in 1877 when they were both burned out in the March fire [CP 16 March 1877; 1]. He may at times have worked in […]

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