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Business Type: Hardware

Bertram & Co.

Bertram & Company (of Toronto) purchased Gilbert Anderson’s hardware store on August 1st 1885 and continued in business under the management of John Mitchell [FFG 8 Aug. 1885; 2]. Mitchell left in April 1886 to work as a travelling salesman for the firm in the area west of Toronto. The Fenelon Falls store was closed […]

Joseph Heard

Joseph Heard was born in Barnstaple, England, and came to Canada about 1868, moving first to Bowmanville and later to Oshawa, where he spent nine years as a foreman in the tin shop of Mr. G.H. Pedlar [FFG 9 April 1880; 3]. He moved to Fenelon Falls in 1880 and opened a stove and tin-shop […]

Howard P. Heming

Howard P. Heming, of Montreal, was in business by 1871; his name is listed on the advertisements of the 1871 Victoria County map in the collection of the Fenelon Falls Museum. His name first appears in the directories by the spring of 1874. A cash receipt, dated 12 May 1874, also in the collection of […]

George H. (Henry) McGee

George McGee was in business for many years as a carpenter in Fenelon Falls before he opened a hardware store in 1897. He appears in the listings as early as 1890 as a builder/carpenter. In 1893 he owned a small shop “under the front of Ingram’s Hall, [on Francis Street East opposite the Mansion House […]

P.S. Ross & Bros.

P.S. Ross purchased Howard P. Heming’s hardware business in the summer of 1880 [Suggitt; 283]. P.S. Ross & Bros. appear as the owners for the first time in the August 7th, 1880 issue of the Gazette [FFG 7 Aug 1880; 3] announcing they could be found “At the Sign of THE BIG CROSS-CUT SAW.” The […]

Gilbert E. Anderson

Gilbert E. Anderson purchased a hardware business from his brother-in-law, George H. Bertram in September 1883 [FFG 29 Sept 1883; 2]. Located next to the “Simpson House” Hotel, Anderson soon expanded the business by adding a stove and tinware department. The store was managed for Anderson by Richard Smith, described as Bertram’s old store manager; […]

George H. Bertram

George H. Bertram was from Lindsay and opened a new Fenelon Falls branch of his hardware store in March of 1880 “in the shop formerly occupied by Kerr & McDougall” [CP 12 Nov 1880; 3]. The store was in the Cunningham Block, two doors north of the Post Office on the east side of Colborne, […]

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