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Business Type: Groceries/Boots/Shoes

James Louis Arnold

James L. Arnold came to Fenelon Falls from Aylmer, ON in 1887 and worked for Austin Bros’ grocery and butcher store. After two and a half years the Austin Bros.’ partnership dissolved and upon Henry Austin taking over the business Arnold was hired as manager and bookkeeper. About 1890, Arnold entered into partnership with Thomas […]

Arnold & Graham

Jas. Arnold and Thomas Graham bought Henry Austin’s grocery and boot & shoe business in December 1890 and took possession on January 1st [FFG 26 Dec 1890; 5] in Austin’s “old stand”. In March of 1891 they purchased “almost the whole” of Hugh McDougall’s stock of boots & shoes when the latter went out of […]

Johnston James Brandon

Johnston J. Brandon was the son of Andrew and Martha Brandon. Although listed as a “gentleman” in the 1881 Census, he opened “a large stock of boots and shoes and groceries in one of Mr. Cunningham’s brick stores” in October 1882 [FFG 21 Oct 1882; 2]. This business lasted to the end of the year […]

W.J. Ellison

W.J. Ellison hardly lasted a year in Fenelon Falls. The Gazette noted W.J. Ellison’s new store in the Cunningham Block in April 1895,”one door south of Mr. Campbell’s” [FFG 12 April 1895; 4]. The business had been purchased from George Rutherford. Ellison, who was from Garden Hill, sold his business to James L. Arnold in […]

W.S. Newman

W.S. Newman was only in business a few months when he was bought out by George Rutherford who “planned to make large additions to the stock” [FFG 7 Dec 1894; 5].

W.L. (William Lithgow) Robson

William Robson, according to the 1904 Souvenir arrived in Fenelon Falls “40 years ago”, i.e. 18641. He set up shop selling groceries around 1873. William L.’s shop was among nine others that were destroyed by fire in March 1876 [CP 31 March 1876; 2], but he was back up in business the following month [CP […]

Robson & Son

According to Monty Robson this was the store of W.L. Robson.

George Rutherford

W.S. Newman was only in business a few months when he was bought out by George Rutherford who planned to make large additions to the stock. “Mr. Rutherford ought to… do well, as he is favourably known to all who do their trading at the Falls … and had several year’s experience in the line […]

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