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Business Type: Grocer

Francis Johnston Kerr

Francis Kerr first appears as the owner of a grocery store in January 1879 [CP 24 Jan 1879; 3]. Kerr may have already been in partnership with [Findlay?] McDougall by this date, as their grocery and provision business was purchased in August 1879 by John Brandon [CP 22 August 1879; 3]. Kerr vanishes for some […]

George Swanton

George Swanton, formerly a farmer in Fenelon, is listed in the 1871 Census as a 24 year-old Ontario-born merchant. Swanton first appears in D&B in July 1871 as he was in partnership with his brother John in the Quebec and Ottawa House. Afterwards George is listed as a grocer. His “entire stock of teas, crockery […]

Robert Rutherford

Robert Rutherford was born in Smith Township, Peterborough County [FFPL 25.13]. By 1876 he opened a grocery store in the McArthur Block; “Mr. Robert Rutherford has a considerable portion of his opening stock here and is ready to open” when the painting is done in the almost completed McArthur Block [CP 3 Nov 1876; 3]. […]

Robson & Robson

Robson & Robson was made up of a partnership between Thomas and William L. Robson. William L. started in business in 1873, and around 1877 Thomas joined him in partnership. As Thomas was an Iron founder, he probably began to do foundry work in addition to running the store. William L.’s shop was among nine […]

W.L. (William Lithgow) Robson

William Robson, according to the 1904 Souvenir arrived in Fenelon Falls “40 years ago”, i.e. 18641. He set up shop selling groceries around 1873. William L.’s shop was among nine others that were destroyed by fire in March 1876 [CP 31 March 1876; 2], but he was back up in business the following month [CP […]

James J. Power

James J. Power(s) is listed as a 30 year-old bailiff in the 1871 Census of Fenelon. He first appears as a grocer in the July 1873 edition of D&B, but he vanishes immediately afterwards. He may have been working for someone else. His reappearance in the July 1878 edition was short-lived for he retired from […]

Duncan A. McDonald

Duncan A. McDonald appears to have enjoyed a number of professions in the few years he was in Fenelon Falls (1861-1868). A 36 year-old Duncan McDonald is listed as a shoemaker in the 1861 Census; the value of his “annual production” is given as $400. He is recorded as a “boot and shoemaker” in Mitchell’s […]

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