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Business Type: Grocer

Kerr & McDougall

In August of 1879 John Brandon purchased the grocery and provision business of Kerr and McDougall [CP 22 August 1879; 3]. The shop formerly occupied by Kerr & McDougall was taken over by George Bertram in March of 1880 [CP 19 March 1880; 3].

John D. Lamb

In the 1871 Census John Lamb is listed as a 35 year-old English carpenter living in Fenelon. By 1876 a John D. Lamb appears in D&B as a grocer, but the business vanishes from the record by 1878.

John Austin

John Austin’s first appearance is in the 1871 Census as a 22 year-old, Ontario-born, grocer. His grocery store was burned in the March 1876 McArthur Block fire, but was soon opened out in other premises [CP 31 March 1876; 2]. The business relocated to the newly completed McArthur Block by November [CP 3 Nov 1876; […]

Duncan A. McDonald

Duncan A. McDonald appears to have enjoyed a number of professions in the few years he was in Fenelon Falls (1861-1868). A 36 year-old Duncan McDonald is listed as a shoemaker in the 1861 Census; the value of his “annual production” is given as $400. He is recorded as a “boot and shoemaker” in Mitchell’s […]

Frank Bell

A Frank Bell is listed in Fuller’s Counties of Peterborough and Victoria Directory (1865/66) as a grocer. Thomas Bell (senior) was also a grocer from 1868 to around 1871[?]. Is this the same man? A father and son? Were they in partnership? Whatever connection there was between the two remains undiscovered to date.

Thomas Bell, Sr.

Thomas Bell is listed as a grocer in D&B from July 1868 to after January 1869. A Thomas Bell senior is listed in Lovell’s Directory for 1871, but a profession is not given. There is also a Frank Bell listed as a grocer in 1865/1866. If there is any connection between the two, it has […]

James J. Power

James J. Power(s) is listed as a 30 year-old bailiff in the 1871 Census of Fenelon. He first appears as a grocer in the July 1873 edition of D&B, but he vanishes immediately afterwards. He may have been working for someone else. His reappearance in the July 1878 edition was short-lived for he retired from […]

Whitney W. Blott

W.W. Blott was certainly in business in a small way before April 21st, 1884, as he lost his restaurant and dwelling (valued at $300) in the great fire that burned out the west side of Colborne Street between Bond and Francis. Blott had been renting a wooden building owned by John A. Ellis [FFG 26 […]

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