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Business Type: Grocer

Curtis & Heatherington

The partnership between Cornelius Curtis and Isaac Hetherington, grocers and provision dealers was dissolved by mutual consent on September 25th, 1896 [FFG 2 Oct 1896; 5]. According to D&B this partnership lasted less than a year.

Robert Rutherford

Robert Rutherford was born in Smith Township, Peterborough County [FFPL 25.13]. By 1876 he opened a grocery store in the McArthur Block; “Mr. Robert Rutherford has a considerable portion of his opening stock here and is ready to open” when the painting is done in the almost completed McArthur Block [CP 3 Nov 1876; 3]. […]

Daniel D. Duggan

Daniel Duggan rented his farm in Verulam and moved to Fenelon Falls in October 1887 [CP 28 Oct 1887; 1]. He opened up a grocery store in November having been taken into partnership with William Waffle [CP 11 Nov 1887; 1]. The partnership was dissolved by 1889 when the Gazette announced, “Daniel Duggan is butchering […]

George Swanton

George Swanton, formerly a farmer in Fenelon, is listed in the 1871 Census as a 24 year-old Ontario-born merchant. Swanton first appears in D&B in July 1871 as he was in partnership with his brother John in the Quebec and Ottawa House. Afterwards George is listed as a grocer. His “entire stock of teas, crockery […]

Grise & St. Michel

Didace Grise and Simon St. Michel operated a butcher and grocery store throughout most of the 1870’s. Grise appears to have begun the business about 1873, and made St. Michel a partner by 1874. Their store was burnt out in the McArthur Block fire of March 1876, but by May the foundation and walls of […]

J.B. and William C. Helliwell

J.B. and Wm. C. Helliwell (or Hollywell) may be the same person, or they many have been brothers. The D&B directories do their best to confuse the issue; the names are spelled in a variety of ways. Nonetheless, the cabinetware business of “W.E. Holywell” was destroyed on May 6th, 1877 when a fire broke out […]

Harriet Waram Inkpen

The wife of Alfred Inkpen, Harriet’s name appears under Inkpin in the various directories, but this spelling is taken from her gravestone in the Fenelon Falls Cemetery.

Francis Johnston Kerr

Francis Kerr first appears as the owner of a grocery store in January 1879 [CP 24 Jan 1879; 3]. Kerr may have already been in partnership with [Findlay?] McDougall by this date, as their grocery and provision business was purchased in August 1879 by John Brandon [CP 22 August 1879; 3]. Kerr vanishes for some […]

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