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Business Type: Grocer & Baker

Mrs. E. Kellett

Listed in D&B from 1885 to 1887. Could this be the wife of John Kellet?

William Marshall

William Marshall is listed in the 1871 Census as a 50 year-old, Irish-born baker; his 24 year-old son James is listed as a baker as well. Marshall may have been the only baker in the village in the mid-seventies. Marshall had plans as early as 1875 [CP 24 Dec 1875; 3] to build a brick […]

John McGrain

John McGrain is listed in the 1871 Census as a 28 year-old Ontario-born storekeeper, but he appears to have been in business in Fenelon Falls as early as 1867, for his name is in the January 1868 edition of D&B and was included thereafter in most editions. On July 27th, 1874 he purchased the “entire […]

Moffat & McFarland

A partnership comprising John Moffat and Joseph McFarland was announced in March 1877 [CP 30 March 1877; 3]. Starting with groceries, they moved their store into William Marshall’s old stand [on the east side of Colborne Street] in May of 1880 [FFG 10 July 1880; 31]. At this time they may have started the bakery […]

Alfred Victor Northey

S.W. Metcalf sold his Fenelon Falls Bakery to A. Northey in January 1892 [FFG 15 Jan 1892; 4]. Northey proceeded to open a bakery and grocery in the Newman Block. Scarcely anything was saved later that November when the block was destroyed by fire. The brick store was rebuilt, and Alfred Northey continued to do […]

J. Welsh

“Mr. Welsh has opened a new bakery, confectionary and grocery store in the premises lately vacated by Mr. Fitzgerald, druggist, and as a consequence bread has fallen from 14¢ to 10¢, the 4 lb. loaf. So much for the benefit of competition…” [CP 10 Dec 1875; 3]. According to D&B the shop appears to have […]

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