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Business Type: Grist Mill

Findlay McDougall

The following paragraph appeared in the Canadian Post, and is the only early record I have been able to locate for Findlay McDougall. “Mr. McDougall, of the late firm of Moffatt and McDougall, has succeeded in compromising with his creditors and will open out in a few days. The cause of their failure was the […]

Francis (Frank) Sandford

Francis Sandford was one of the most important manufacturers in the village. The 1871 census lists him as a 23 year-old, Ontario-born waggon maker. According to the 1904 Souvenir he arrived in the village in 1870 and set up business on the north-east corner of Francis and May Streets. His first appearance in the directories […]

James Wallis

James Wallis is considered one of the founders of Fenelon Falls as his speculations and investments were of vital importance to its early development. His business operations in partnership with Robert Jameson carved the village out of the wilderness. Originally from County Cork, Ireland, James Wallis arrived in Montreal from Glasgow in 1832, aged 26. […]

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