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Business Type: General Store

Havilah Davis

The 1871 census lists “Hevilah” Davis as a 29 year-old, English-born wheelwright. He first appears in Fuller’s Counties of Peterborough and Victoria in the mid 1860s. Davis completed the census of Fenelon Falls for the Victoria County Council in [May] 1874, in anticipation of By-Law (No. 161) [passed 5 June 1874] incorporating Fenelon Falls into […]

George Martin

The name George Martin first appears in 1876 (D&B) as the owner of a livery stable. His name is mentioned again in 1881 as he was paid $3.00 for storing the village fire engine in one of his buildings [FFG 29 Jan 1881; 2]. George Martin was also in partnership with Alexander McArthur and John […]

Bert H. (Albert Henry) Wills

Bert Wills was certainly in business by August 1886 when he purchased the bankrupt stock of Johnston & Geach and set up shop in the store formerly occupied by Bertram & Co [FFG 20 Aug 1886; 6]. His store suffered a “daring burglary” in October 1887 when “bursting open the back door” the thieves stripped […]

William Dewart

William Dewart was born in Dummer, the son of a prosperous farmer. Although he started out as a teacher, he became a “merchant” about 1861 when he is first recorded in Fenelon Falls. He is listed in the 1861 Census of Fenelon Township as a 24 year-old, Ontario-born, Baptist merchant. He owned a two storey […]

James S. Martin

The Ontario Directory lists James Martin’s store under Fenelon Falls in the 1888/89 edition. The Fenelon Township Census for 1891 records a 39 year-old James Martin as a storekeeper, so the business may have been outside of the village limits. Certainly the above reference is the only one that locates it within Fenelon Falls.

Daniel C. Woodman

There is also a David Woodenan [sic] recorded in the 1871 Census as well, a 45 year-old Ontario-born storekeeper. This may be the same man.

John C. Fitzgerald

John C. Fitzgerald appears in the D&B directories from 1868 to 1872. In 1864/65 and 1869 he is listed as the Clerk of the Division Court and as a storekeeper in Lovell’s Province of Ontario Directory for 1871. The 1871 Census records him as a 30 year-old, Ontario-born merchant. There are few other references. He […]

Frank George

An ad for “F. George’s Cash Store” appeared in the Gazette in November 1884. “Having commenced business in Mr. Newman’s brick block on the west side of Colborne Street, I am prepared to sell goods at low prices to suit the times” [FFG 22 Nov 1884; 3]. Hand noted in his editorial comments that George’s […]

McDougall & Brandon

In August of 1879 John Brandon “purchased the grocery and provision business of Kerr & McDougall and removed to the McArthur Block” [CP 22 Aug 1879; 3]. We can only speculate that John Brandon quickly formed a partnership with Findlay McDougall to operate the store, for their business was soon afterwards known as McDougall and […]

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