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Business Type: General Store

Peter Begin

Peter Begin’s business activities can only be traced through the history of other stores. He is not listed in the 1871 Census and so must have arrived in the area in the next year or two. Sometime in 1873, according to D&B, Augustus Cadotte entered into a partnership with a Mr. Begin to run a […]

Calvin W. Moore

Calvin W. Moore is listed as a 49 year-old, Ontario-born storekeeper in the 1871 census of Victoria County. The Gazette claimed he began in business around 18691 and this may refer to an earlier partnership with a Mr. Reed, a business recorded as Reed and Moore2. Moore moved his shop next to Borland’s (George Swanton’s […]

Leould Besinz

L. Besinz appears in Lovell’s Province of Ontario Directory for 1871, in D&B, and in the 1871 Census for Peterborough and Victoria. Little is known about him as his general store was in operation for no more than a year. Originally from Germany, he was 34 years old in 1871. The spelling used here is […]

Brandon & Robson

William L. Robson and Johnston J. Brandon bought the stock and good-will of John A. Ellis’ grocery business and took posession on January 1st 1885 [FFG 27 Dec. 1884; 2, 2 Jan. 1885, 2] selling general groceries and provisions. The partnership lasted until November 1887 [CP 11 Nov. 1887; 1]. Brandon’s health deteriorated soon afterwards.

Samuel S. Johnson

Samuel Johnson of Verulam purchased the grocery business of Samuel Newman in February 1882 [FFG 25 Feb 1882; 2]. His store was located in the Kennedy and Newman Block, where he sold boots, shoes and groceries. Johnson took George Fielder into partnership to run a bakery in March of 1883 [FFG 31 March 1883; 2], […]

J.L. Reid

This entry is from D&B for January 1871; it did not appear in the July 1871 edition. There is a John L. Read listed as a 40 year-old, English-born merchant in Verulam in the 1871 Census. Either the business did not survive the winter, or placing it under Fenelon Falls was an error. Needless to […]

Augustus Cadotte

Augustus Cadotte appears in the 1871 Census as a 32 year-old Québec born storekeeper. D&B records his general store in the January 1871 edition, so he must have been open by the end of 1870. By mid-1873 he had entered into a partnership with “Mr. [Peter?] Begin” to operate a general store, however that business […]

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