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Business Type: General Store

Meagher Bros.

The Meagher Bros. stock of goods was sold to William Campbell in April 1875 [CP 23 April 1875; 3]. The brothers proposed “starting afresh in some frontier town”. W. Burley moved into their stand in September [CP 3 Sept 1875; 2]. The directories indicate the business began about 1872.

George G. Keith

George Keith is listed as a Blacksmith in Fuller’s 1865/66 directory and continued to be listed as such until 1872. Oddly enough, the only George Keith listed in the 1871 census is a George G. Keith, a 30 year-old, Scottish-born, Presbyterian farmer in Verulam township1. Nonetheless, Mr. [G.G.] Keith opened a general store in the […]

Kennedy & Newman

Sometime before July 1871, John W. Kennedy formed a partnership with Samuel Newman to operate a general store known as Kennedy & Newman. The partnership lasted until December 1874, when it was announced that the two were going out of business, and were to be succeeded by H.P. Heming of Montreal [CP 4 Dec 1874; […]

A.W. Lasher

“Mr. Lasher, formerly of Peterborough, has taken up his residence here and opened out a stock of dry goods in Mr. Newman’s brick store” [CP 27 September 1878; 2]. In March of 1879 he moved his business to Mr. Borland’s old stand in the McArthur Block [CP 28 March 1879; 3]. The business appears to […]

George Martin

The name George Martin first appears in 1876 (D&B) as the owner of a livery stable. His name is mentioned again in 1881 as he was paid $3.00 for storing the village fire engine in one of his buildings [FFG 29 Jan 1881; 2]. George Martin was also in partnership with Alexander McArthur and John […]

James S. Martin

The Ontario Directory lists James Martin’s store under Fenelon Falls in the 1888/89 edition. The Fenelon Township Census for 1891 records a 39 year-old James Martin as a storekeeper, so the business may have been outside of the village limits. Certainly the above reference is the only one that locates it within Fenelon Falls.

McDougall & Brandon

In August of 1879 John Brandon “purchased the grocery and provision business of Kerr & McDougall and removed to the McArthur Block” [CP 22 Aug 1879; 3]. We can only speculate that John Brandon quickly formed a partnership with Findlay McDougall to operate the store, for their business was soon afterwards known as McDougall and […]

McDougall, Brandon & Co.

Around 1894 James L. Arnold entered into a partnership with Findlay McDougall and John H. Brandon to operate their general store thereby trading under the name McDougall, Brandon and Co. That partnership was dissolved in October 1895.

Findlay McDougall

The following paragraph appeared in the Canadian Post, and is the only early record I have been able to locate for Findlay McDougall. “Mr. McDougall, of the late firm of Moffatt and McDougall, has succeeded in compromising with his creditors and will open out in a few days. The cause of their failure was the […]

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