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Business Type: General Store

Frank George

An ad for “F. George’s Cash Store” appeared in the Gazette in November 1884. “Having commenced business in Mr. Newman’s brick block on the west side of Colborne Street, I am prepared to sell goods at low prices to suit the times” [FFG 22 Nov 1884; 3]. Hand noted in his editorial comments that George’s […]

McDougall & Brandon

In August of 1879 John Brandon “purchased the grocery and provision business of Kerr & McDougall and removed to the McArthur Block” [CP 22 Aug 1879; 3]. We can only speculate that John Brandon quickly formed a partnership with Findlay McDougall to operate the store, for their business was soon afterwards known as McDougall and […]

Henry Graham

Born in “Coteau de Lac”, Quebec, of Scottish parents, Graham lived at home in Smith Township until 1851, when he moved to Peterborough. In 1861 he moved to Bobcaygeon, and later to Fenelon Falls. He may have begun business in Fenelon Falls around 1864 in partnership with William Dewart. This partnership appears to have dissolved […]

McDougall, Brandon & Co.

Around 1894 James L. Arnold entered into a partnership with Findlay McDougall and John H. Brandon to operate their general store thereby trading under the name McDougall, Brandon and Co. That partnership was dissolved in October 1895.

Daniel Hoover

Daniel Hoover is listed in the 1861 Census as a 25 year-old, Upper Canada born, Wesleyan Methodist merchant; he owned a one-storey frame house, and one cow. The capital investment in his business was $600, and the value of the annual product was $500. The business disappears from the directories by 1865. A Daniel Hoover […]

Findlay McDougall

The following paragraph appeared in the Canadian Post, and is the only early record I have been able to locate for Findlay McDougall. “Mr. McDougall, of the late firm of Moffatt and McDougall, has succeeded in compromising with his creditors and will open out in a few days. The cause of their failure was the […]

McWaters & Marshall

[William] McWaters and [possibly] a member of the William Marshall family of Lindsay appear to have gone into partnership by the spring of 1887 when they are listed in D&B. It is not known if McWaters and the McWatters listed below is the same person. Certainly the business dates coincide and the confusion may again […]

Henry G. Bacon

Henry Bacon was listed in the first volume of D&B (1864), but his general store may have already closed by 1864. What appears to be word “away” is scribbled beside the entry. Certainly, Bacon’s name does not appear in any other source.

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