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Business Type: Dry Goods

Joseph C. Roy

“J.C. Roy, late of Minden, will tomorrow open a bankrupt stock of dry goods, clothing and hats and caps, one door south of Mr. W.T. Junkin’s” [FFG 27 May 1892; 4]. The business, opposite the Post Office, was in operation until early the next year. In June, Roy purchased the restaurant owned by W.W. Blott […]

William Henry Walsh

W. H. Welch [sic] first appears in D&B in July 1871, but vanishes thereafter until 1876, when his carding mill became a fixture of village life. The original location of his mill is unknown, but by 1883 it was on Bond Street West beside the creek1; for the water supply from the creek saved the […]

Edward B. Borland

Edward Borland is listed as a 20 year-old, Ontario-born, druggist in the 1871 census; however, his name does not appear in the business directories until 1874. He may have been working for another druggist. In March 1876 Borland was burned out in the McArthur Block fire [CP 31 March 1876; 2] but by May he […]

James Campbell

James Campbell appears only once in Lovell’s Province of Ontario Directory for 1871 as a seller of dry goods. Could this be a mistaken entry for William Campbell?

Campbell & Gamble

A partnership made by James F. Campbell and James F. Gamble first appeared in D&B in July 1887. The partnership did not last beyond 1890, as the Gazette records the Toronto sale of the late firm’s stock on January 28th, 1890 [FFG 31 Jan 1890; 4]. Neither man appears in the 1891 Census. The business […]

Fairweather & Co.

W. Fairweather & Co., “auctioneers”, first appeared in an 1885 notice placed in the Gazette [21 March 1885; 2]: “The great auction sale of general dry goods and clothing still goes on at the store next to Mr. Regan’s [also from Peterborough] in Mr. Jordan’s new block, Fenelon Falls.” The firm may have been looking […]

Jarvis & McDougall

John E. Jarvis & Hugh McDougall formed a partnership by the summer of 1880 [FFG 10 July 1880; 3] to operate a dry goods and merchant tailor establishment. They began business in the Cunningham Block but moved from there to the McArthur Block (Austin Bros.’s old stand) in December 1880 [FFG 27 Nov 1880; 2]. […]

John W. Kennedy

John W. Kennedy is listed as a painter in the 1869 Ontario Gazetteer and Directory. In the 1871 census the 26 year-old, Ontario-born Wesleyan Methodist had become a store-keeper, and more specifically, in Lovell’s Province of Ontario Directory of the same year, a baker and grocer. By July 1871 Kennedy had formed at partnership with […]

Hugh N. McDougall

After the death in 1884 of John E. Jarvis, and the liquidation of the firm of Jarvis and McDougall in 1885, Hugh McDougall continued to sell the stock of the old firm and run the Palace Dry Goods and Clothing House. “I keep the largest and best stock of goods in town and mean business…” […]

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