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Business Type: Drugs

William E. Everest

Lovell’s Province of Ontario Directory lists Everest as a druggist, clerk of the division court, and agent for the Montreal Telegraph Co. and Reliance Mutual Life Assurance Company. The 1871 census records him as a year-old, Ontario-born chemist. His business disappears from the directories after 1872.

James Fielding

A “Dealer in patent medicines” is listed in Fuller’s Counties of Peterborough and Victoria Directory (1865/66).

E. (Edward) Fitzgerald

E. Fitzgerald, “manager” was in business selling “drugs, medicines, chemicals, sponges” by May 1880 . Fitzgerald called his store the “Medical Hall” which was “next door to the post office” . He moved to No. 1 McArthur’s Block in the summer of 1881 [FFG 6 Aug 1881; 2], and is listed as selling “drugs and […]

Joseph W. Fitzgerald

Listed in the 1869/70 County of Victoria Directory as a clerk, Fitzgerald appears to have opened a drug store about 1871, as he is listed as 24 year-old druggist in the 1871 Census. He lived with his widowed mother but was married in August of that year. Phillips Ontario Drug Store and Druggist List (1851-1930) […]

F.O. Gamsby

Listed in Phillips’ Ontario Drug Store and Druggist List 1851-1930.

W.T. (William Thomas) Junkin

W.T. Junkin began business in Fenelon Falls as a druggist in 1888 with David Kilgour. By January 1890 he is listed in D&B with his own business on the west side of Colborne Street. The stock of Junkin’s store was purchased by H.J. Lytle in 1895, and by August, Lytle was moving into Junkin’s former […]

Junkin & Co.

Junkin & Co. was created by a partnership between David F. Kilgour and W.T. Junkin around 1888 [Ontario Directory 1888/1889]. It does not appear to have lasted later than 1889, as W.T. Junkin is listed in business on his own after January 1890.

H.J. Lytle (Herbert John), ([1840?]-1939

H.J. Lytle, of Cambray, purchased the business of W.R. Madill in February of 1894 [CP 16 Feb 1894; 8].  He moved his family from Cambray (where he had lived for many years) on March 2nd, and moved into “the brick house near the railway station” [FFG 9 March 1894; 4].  Early employees in his new […]

Walter R. Madill

Walter R. Madill, a “young man” from Whitby, purchased the drug and book store business of William E. Ellis in February 1892 [FFG 19 Feb 1892; 4]. The store was in the McArthur Block. Madill left the village a year later on February 14th, 1893 “having been offered a tempting salary to travel for a […]

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