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Business Type: Drugs & Stationery

Barber & Ellis

“Barber & Ellis” was a Toronto based drug and stationery business that operated a branch in Fenelon Falls during the first few years of the 1880s. The store was in operation by January 1880, and may have begun as early as 1879. Edward Fitzgerald managed the business for the proprietors. By July 1883 the business […]

Edward B. Borland

Edward Borland is listed as a 20 year-old, Ontario-born, druggist in the 1871 census; however, his name does not appear in the business directories until 1874. He may have been working for another druggist. In March 1876 Borland was burned out in the McArthur Block fire [CP 31 March 1876; 2] but by May he […]

M.H. Thompson

Thompson moved from Bobcaygeon where he was formerly in a business partnership called Tupper & Thompson; he purchased the drug business of E.B. Borland in March of 1877 [CP 30 March 1877; 3]. Thompson set up shop as a druggist and news agent, and in December was appointed the Fenelon Falls distributor for the Canadian […]

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