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Business Type: Dressmaker

Fannie McDermott

McDermott is listed as a 36 year-old Baptist dressmaker in the 1881 Census of the Village.

Mrs. Jennie McDougall

Ontario Directory; Province of Ontario Gazetteer Although these two women [J.A and Jennie] may be the same person there is little evidence that can help us to identify them. One source [FFPL 28:10A] claims that Mrs. J.A. McDougall and Mrs. R. McDougall were the same person.

Sarah Meldrum

Sarah Meldrum is described as a 34 year-old, widowed Baptist dress maker in the 1881 Census of the Village. This is no doubt the “sister-in-law and her children” of Andrew Meldrum “[h]is only connection in the village” “to whom we are glad to hear he has behaved most liberally.” [FFG 20 Jan 1883; 2]

Miss Jennie Robertson

“Misses Robertson and Tolney [sic] have commenced the dress and mantel making business in Mr. John Fitzgerald’s building on Colborne Street, and, as they already have several orders and have inserted a card in the advertising columns of the Gazette, they will no doubt be kept as busy as they desire” [FFG 5 May 1883; […]

Susannah Belch

Susannah Belch is listed in the 1881 Census as a 36 year-old, Irish-born [Presbyterian] dressmaker.

Catherine Redner Blott

With the death of her husband W.W. Blott in 1893, Catherine Blott established a dressmaking business. Originally set up in the McArthur Block, she eventually moved to her newly-built house on Clifton Street [FFG 19 Oct. 1894; 4]. She disappears from the directories after 1896. She died in Stanhope Township on April 24th 1898, aged […]

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