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Business Type: Carpenter

William Davis

Davis first appears in the 1881 Census of the village as a 27 year-old butcher although he soon took up other pursuits. In his obituary it states that he was a carpenter by trade and built several houses in the village. According to an ad dated 18 June 1884 , Davis was selling the “atmospheric […]

James A. Kennedy

James A. Kennedy was active in the village as a builder and carpenter throughout most of the 1870s. There is a James Kennedy listed as a 37 year-old Irish-born, Presbyterian carpenter in the 1871 Census, as well as in Lovell’s 1871 directory. We know very little about him except that he appears in the D&B […]

Joseph Littleton (Jr.)

Joseph Littleton was “a filer of saws” and operated saw mills in his early life in Canada between 1867 and 1881. He also did carpenter work. “In 1892 Mr. Littleton purchased the farm which had been his home up to the time of his death.” He died on Monday October 24th, 1927 at his home […]

Thomas Littleton

There is a Thomas Littleton listed in the 1871 Census as a 31 year-old English-born carpenter in Fenelon. His name does not appear in the provincial directories until 1882, and disappears after 1890.

Duncan McDermid

Duncan McDermid made the local papers when he constructed a dog tread mill for churning butter for Mr. William Jordan [CP 12 Dec 1879; 1]. He and Henry McDermid may have been brothers? His name appears in D&B from 1878 to 1887.

Robert Rutherford

Robert Rutherford was born in Smith Township, Peterborough County [FFPL 25.13]. By 1876 he opened a grocery store in the McArthur Block; “Mr. Robert Rutherford has a considerable portion of his opening stock here and is ready to open” when the painting is done in the almost completed McArthur Block [CP 3 Nov 1876; 3]. […]

William Taylor

“Carpenter Taylor” was a frequent visitor to the Fenelon area in its early years although he probably never lived in the village. Anne Langton records that Taylor made furniture for them [LR1 14 Dec 1839; 179 : 12 April 1846; 357], built fences for their garden [LR 20 May 1841; 276], and repaired a larder […]

John T. Thompson Jr.

John T. Thompson Jr. had a carpenter shop for himself underway on Lindsay Street [near the railway station] in the fall of 1894 [FFG 19 Oct 1894; 4]. Hand described him as “the youngest man in his line in the Village, where he has lived nearly all his lifeā€¦” [FFG 1 Feb 1895; 5]. The […]

Wilson & Eade

The Victoria Warder makes a brief mention of Wilson & Eade [first names not known] who appear to have been building barns in the Fenelon area. “Messrs. Wilson and Eade’s Business is rushing in this part [VW 27 May 1887; 2]. Apart from this brief reference they do not appear in any other source.

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