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Business Type: Butcher

Daniel D. Duggan

Daniel Duggan rented his farm in Verulam and moved to Fenelon Falls in October 1887 [CP 28 Oct 1887; 1]. He opened up a grocery store in November having been taken into partnership with William Waffle [CP 11 Nov 1887; 1]. The partnership was dissolved by 1889 when the Gazette announced, “Daniel Duggan is butchering […]

William Wilson

Apart from this brief entry in D&B I have not been able to identify this butcher from 1885. He may have some connection to John Wilson’s butcher shop in operation at the same time. The wife of a William Wilson died May 4th 1893 (Mary Margaret Wray), aged 31, but there is no record of […]

E. Findley

Findley owned or operated a butcher shop in the Newman Block on Colborne Street. The shop was burnt out on the morning of Friday November 18th, 1892 with the loss of “a stock of meat, some shop furniture and clothing, no insurance.” [FFG 18 Nov 1892: 4]. The entire Newman Block was destroyed along with […]

Didace Grise

Didace Grise, age 32 is listed in the 1871 Census of Fenelon as a Quebec born butcher. He appears under his own name in D&B in the July 1873 issue. He was soon to form a partnership with Simon St. Michel, and it was certainly in place by the following January.

Grise & St. Michel

Didace Grise and Simon St. Michel operated a butcher and grocery store throughout most of the 1870’s. Grise appears to have begun the business about 1873, and made St. Michel a partner by 1874. Their store was burnt out in the McArthur Block fire of March 1876, but by May the foundation and walls of […]

William Hawkins

A “new butcher shop is just established in this village” noted the Canadian Post in April 1875 [CP 2 April 1875; 3]. In the July 1875 edition of D&B a William Hawkins is recorded as opening a butcher shop, so this may well be the same business. Unfortunately, there are no further references to Hawkins, […]

Findlay McDougall

The following paragraph appeared in the Canadian Post, and is the only early record I have been able to locate for Findlay McDougall. “Mr. McDougall, of the late firm of Moffatt and McDougall, has succeeded in compromising with his creditors and will open out in a few days. The cause of their failure was the […]

John McLeod

An application for a butcher’s license from a John McLeod was mentioned at a Council meeting of 24 October 1881 [FFG 29 Oct 1881; 2], but there was no further mention of the application, so McLeod must have moved elsewhere.`

S.W. (Walter) Metcalf

“The Fenelon Falls bakery and butchery have both recently changed hands, Mr. S.W. Metcalf having sold the former to Mr. A. Northey and bought the latter from Mr. Henry Austin” [FFG 15 Jan 1892; 4]. Metcalf does not appear to have lasted long as he vanishes from D&B after January 1893. Austin may have taken […]

Henry Austin

Born in Verulam Township about 1852, Henry Austin had a butcher shop in operation before 1876 as he was burned out in the McArthur block fire of March 29th (CP 31 March 1876; 2]. A butchering business under the name “Austin & Bros.” appears in the D&B directories from 1876 to 1878. Late in 1880 […]

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