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Business Type: Blacksmith

James Albert Inkster

Inkster was the blacksmith in Mr. Sandford’s carriage factory in 1879 [CP 14 February 1879: [3]]. He died at Marmora, Ontario, December 7th, 1905 [FFPL 05.11].

William B. Warren

William Warren first appears in the directories in the summer of 1885. David Chambers bought out Warren’s shop in the spring of 1889 [FFG 5 April 1889; 4], although Warren continued to be listed in the directories until January 1890. His shop was on Francis Street. A William Warren of Coboconk, formerly of Fenelon Falls, […]

George G. Keith

George Keith is listed as a Blacksmith in Fuller’s 1865/66 directory and continued to be listed as such until 1872. Oddly enough, the only George Keith listed in the 1871 census is a George G. Keith, a 30 year-old, Scottish-born, Presbyterian farmer in Verulam township1. Nonetheless, Mr. [G.G.] Keith opened a general store in the […]

Charles Kelly

We know little about Charles Kelly. He was the brother of Foster Kelly, and operated his blacksmith shop on Francis Street East in the same building as his brother (at least after 1913). One source claims Kelly purchased the business of Jeremiah Twomey Sr. after 1895 [FFPL 28.27A-28A]. Charles is seldom mentioned in the newspapers1, […]

James Knox

James Knox’s blacksmith shop first appears in D&B in 1887. His shop was on Francis Street East, as his stables were burnt there on July 31st, 1890 [FFG 1 Aug 1890; 4]. There is little notice in the local press of Knox’s shop apart from the occasional fire [FFG 12 March 1897; 4] and a […]

Samuel McLelland

“McClelland of Bobcaygeon has opened a blacksmith shop in the old stand occupied by Myles Nichols, and already the merry ring of his anvil and hammer can be heard” [CP 5 Dec 1879; 1]. There is no other record of the business. This brief reference may refer to Samuel McClelland who was operating a general […]

Thomas Bell

Thomas Bell first appears in the 1857/58 Canada Directory, and in the 1858 Directory of the United Counties of Peterborough and Victoria. He is listed in the 1861 Census of Fenelon Township as a 25 year-old Wesleyan Methodist blacksmith who was born in Upper Canada. He owned a 1½ storey frame house, one cow, two […]

W.R. McDonald

D&B lists W.R. McDonald from 1872 to 1876, and the Canadian Post confirms the dates when it records that Thomas Howarth bought the blacksmith business “carried on for the last four years by W.R. McDonald, who removed to Kinmount” [CP 7 April 1876; 1].

Thomas Bell, Jr.

In D&B and Lovell’s Province of Ontario Directory for 1871 a Thomas Bell Jr. is listed as a blacksmith.

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