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Business Type: Blacksmith

Charles Kelly

We know little about Charles Kelly. He was the brother of Foster Kelly, and operated his blacksmith shop on Francis Street East in the same building as his brother (at least after 1913). One source claims Kelly purchased the business of Jeremiah Twomey Sr. after 1895 [FFPL 28.27A-28A]. Charles is seldom mentioned in the newspapers1, […]

William B. Warren

William Warren first appears in the directories in the summer of 1885. David Chambers bought out Warren’s shop in the spring of 1889 [FFG 5 April 1889; 4], although Warren continued to be listed in the directories until January 1890. His shop was on Francis Street. A William Warren of Coboconk, formerly of Fenelon Falls, […]

Jeremiah Twomey Sr.

Jeremiah Twomey [Sr.] was born in County Cork, Ireland, about 1820, where he learned the blacksmithing trade. He emigrated to Canada in 1853, and after working for some time in Peterborough, arrived in Fenelon Falls about 1854 and “became the blacksmith for the Wallis mill” and for Wallis’ steamboat Ogemah. He went into business on […]

Thomas Robson

Thomas Robson was born in Middlesboro, Yorkshire on July 2nd, 1839, where he was admitted as a member of the “Middlebro’ Branch of the Friendly Society of Iron Founders of England, Ireland and Wales” on the 11th of January 18591. He arrived in Fenelon Falls sometime before 1877 and joined his brother William L., who […]

William Roberts

William Roberts commenced business in February 1891, in an old building owned by E. Fitzgerald on the west side of Colborne Street, just north of Bond (opposite the residence of Dr. A. Wilson). A month later, in early March he lost everything in a fire [FFG 6 March 1891; 4]. Luckily his tools were insured […]

Henry Puley

Puley first appears in the Ontario Directory of 1886/87, and regularly in D&B after 1890. His name is often spelled incorrectly, but is listed as above in the 1891 Census where he is recorded as a 42 year-old Methodist blacksmith. This spelling also appears on his gravestone. Puley’s shop was near the canal in 1891 […]

Thomas R. Poulsom

Thomas R. Poulson [sic] is listed as a 26 year-old Presbyterian blacksmith in the 1891 Census. He was “one of our village blacksmiths” in June of 1893 when he injured his hand [CP 2 June 1893; 6], but vanishes from the record until September 1899 (he may have been working for someone else) when Poulson […]

Elias Palmer

Palmer is listed in the 1869 Province of Ontario Gazetteer & Directory; in the 1871 Census he is recorded as a 56 year-old, British-born blacksmith.

Blake Orr

Blake Orr was certainly in Fenelon Falls by 1871. He is listed in the 1871 Census [under “Blaker Orr”] as a 24 year-old, Ontario-born, general blacksmith of Protestant Irish background. Orr formed a partnership with the wagon maker Francis Sandford soon after his arrival, and “Sandford and Orr” operated a “wagons and blacksmith” shop from […]

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