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Business Type: Blacksmith

Blacksmith [Unknown]

James Wallis was advertising for a blacksmith in the summer of 1838 [Wallis Papers]. There was certainly a blacksmith in the village by April 1839 as Anne Langton records: “I have omitted to notice before the arrival of a blacksmith. We have had one occasionally at the Falls, but now he is permanently settled.” This […]

Blake Orr

Blake Orr was certainly in Fenelon Falls by 1871. He is listed in the 1871 Census [under “Blaker Orr”] as a 24 year-old, Ontario-born, general blacksmith of Protestant Irish background. Orr formed a partnership with the wagon maker Francis Sandford soon after his arrival, and “Sandford and Orr” operated a “wagons and blacksmith” shop from […]

William F. (or S.) Burley

William Burley is listed in the 1871 census as a 28 year-old Ontario-born, Methodist, and his first appearance in the directories, as a tin-smith, was in July of the same year. The census also records the details of his “Tin shop” noting that he employed two men and that “this establishment ran only six months.” […]

Elias Palmer

Palmer is listed in the 1869 Province of Ontario Gazetteer & Directory; in the 1871 Census he is recorded as a 56 year-old, British-born blacksmith.

David Chambers

David Chambers bought out the blacksmith business of William Warren in April of 1889 [FFG 5 April 1889; 4], and by 1890 his shop was located on Francis Street . The 1891 Census records him as a 28 year-old Presbyterian. The business disappears from the directories by the summer of 1896.

Thomas R. Poulsom

Thomas R. Poulson [sic] is listed as a 26 year-old Presbyterian blacksmith in the 1891 Census. He was “one of our village blacksmiths” in June of 1893 when he injured his hand [CP 2 June 1893; 6], but vanishes from the record until September 1899 (he may have been working for someone else) when Poulson […]

Jerry Concamon

“Jerry” Concamon operated a log blacksmith shop owned by Green and Ellis’s Mill. The shop was destroyed by fire when the Victoria Hotel burned early Sunday morning, January 6th, 1878 [CP 11 Jan 1878; 3]. Concamon was able to get “everything out of the shop”, but he must have left the village soon afterwards as […]

George Connell

Connell is listed in the 1851 Census of Fenelon Township as a 33 year-old Scottish-born Presbyterian blacksmith, living in a one-storey log house. He is also listed in the Canada Directory for the same year.

Henry Puley

Puley first appears in the Ontario Directory of 1886/87, and regularly in D&B after 1890. His name is often spelled incorrectly, but is listed as above in the 1891 Census where he is recorded as a 42 year-old Methodist blacksmith. This spelling also appears on his gravestone. Puley’s shop was near the canal in 1891 […]

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