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Business Type: Barber

Frederick DeForge

DeForge was a barber who lived on Colborne Street, opposite to Humphrey Deyman. He was charged with stealing a white Aylesbury duck from Deyman in 1883 [FFG 13 Oct. 1883; 3], and eventually fined $9.00 before James Dickson and Robert McFarland, J.P.s. There is no other evidence of the business apart from these brief notices […]

William P. Graham

Hand described William Graham as “Our leading barber” in April of 1880 when he installed a “fine lamp” in front of his shop, “which is a great convenience to our midnight pedestrians” [FFG 16 April 1880; 1]. In February Graham had rented a billiard table from Noble Ingram and set it up in the front […]

Thomas Johnson

Thomas Johnson’s barber shop was broken into and vandalized on Tuesday December 2nd, 1879 [CP 23 Dec 1879; 3). There is no other record of the business, and Johnson may only have been an employee. A Thomas Johnston died in Fenelon township on Friday, June 2nd, 1893, aged 64 years, but there is no real […]

John Jones

A John Jones, listed as a resident, was burned out in the great fire of April 1884, but there is no record of a business until John Jones purchased the business of George Quibell in April of 1889, and took over the role of, what Hand called, our “village tonsorial artist” [FFG 19 April 1889; […]

Isaac Laurin

Isaac Laurin is first recorded as a “hair-dresser” whose hand was mangled in a shooting accident on August 20th, 1874. It “will be a long time before he will be able to attend to business again” [CP 28 August 1874; 2]. The business appears to have lasted only until 1876 or 1877.

G.R. (George) Quibell

An ad for George Quibell, hairdresser appeared in the Gazette over several months in 1881 [FFG 19 Feb 1881; 2]. The business probably opened about this time and was listed regularly in D&B. By 1886 Quibell was moving to the “soon to be complete McArthur Block” [CP 5 Nov 1886; 6]. D&B also listed a […]

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