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Business Type: Bankers

Westcott, Denison & Co.

“The want of a bank has long been deplored in this village, and we are glad to be able to announce that the want will soon be supplied, as Messrs. Dennistown [sic], Westcott & Co. are about to open a private banking institution in one of the stores in Scully’s Block, which is now being […]

J.C. McKeggie & Co.

The Banking firm of J.C. McKeggie & Co. opened up a branch1 of their bank in September 1901. The new premise was in the McArthur Block, and there is some indication they may have been acting as agents for the Bank of British North America. In January 1903 McKeggie’s bank was bought out by the […]

Toronto Financial Corporation

H.J. Lytle became the manager of the Fenelon Falls branch of the Toronto Financial Corporation in October 1895, when the corporation rented his store in the McArthur Block and opened a branch of their bank [FFG 11 Oct 1895; 4]. A “pane of fine glass measuring 10 by 5 feet 7 inches was put in […]

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