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Business Type: Agent

John S. Campbell

John S. Campbell appears twice in the July and September 1887 editions of D&B.

Nehemiah M. Keith

Nehemiah M. Keith owned a restaurant in the mid-1880s according to the Ontario Gazetteer. He was described as a 50 year-old widower in the 1891 Census of the village. His profession was given as an “agent”, but no further information has been found to date.

Joseph McArthur

Joseph McArthur was a land owner, and a man of many business interests and projects, all of which were of major importance to the village from the late 1860s until his premature death in 1892. He began his career as a tavern-keeper and first appears in D&B in January 1869; He was also issued a […]

Hugh N. McDougall

After the death in 1884 of John E. Jarvis, and the liquidation of the firm of Jarvis and McDougall in 1885, Hugh McDougall continued to sell the stock of the old firm and run the Palace Dry Goods and Clothing House. “I keep the largest and best stock of goods in town and mean business…” […]

Thomas E. Nevison

Thomas Nevison is listed in the 1871 census as a 35 year-old, English-born harness maker in Fenelon Township. Thomas was certainly working in a shop either with or alongside John Nevison in 1877 when they were both burned out in the March fire [CP 16 March 1877; 1]. He may at times have worked in […]

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