William Powles [ 1814 (Approx.) - 1907 ]

William Powles was appointed the first regular postmaster of Fenelon Falls on December 2, 1844 [Suggitt; 275]. Some sources say he built his first house on Clifton Street near the river, and later moved onto Colborne Street in 1844 from where he ran the post office. He is listed in the Canada Directory (1851) as the owner of a Boot and Shoe store.

After his departure around 1851 he moved to Powles Corner “where he farmed and plied his trade as a cobbler” [FF T+N; 135]. He lived there for the rest of his life. He died January 30th, 1907 (or is it 1906?), aged 93 years and seven days, and was buried in the Fenelon Falls Cemetery.

624 I. Hickey was appointed postmaster in 1850 [History of Fenelon Township: 283].

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