William Marshall [ 1821 (Approx.) - 1886 ]

William Marshall is listed in the 1871 Census as a 50 year-old, Irish-born baker; his 24 year-old son James is listed as a baker as well. Marshall may have been the only baker in the village in the mid-seventies. Marshall had plans as early as 1875 [CP 24 Dec 1875; 3] to build a brick store for himself, but it appears not to have been started by April 1877 [CP 6 April 1877; 3]. He sued the publisher of the Peterborough Times for libel in 1879 when it published a letter claiming he “gave light weight in bread.” The case was dismissed when it could not be proved who owned the newspaper [CP 19 Dec 1879; 3 : 26 Dec 1879; 3]. The Marshall family moved to Lindsay in early May of 1880 and set up business there. “In the removal of Marshall and family we lose one of the most entertaining and jolly families that the village can boast of. We wish them every success” [CP 30 April 1880; 3].

Marshall did not sever his ties with Fenelon completely. In June of 1884 he sold off the bankrupt stock of boots and shoes from the store of F. Adams of Campbellford, from a rented store on Colborne Street [FFG 14 June 1884; 2], and his nephews (the Barretts)1 opened a business here in 1885. William Marshall died of a heart attack after fighting a fire in Lindsay, 30 April 1886 [CP 7 May 1886; 8].

469 Lovell’s Province of Ontario Directory for 1871 lists him as a “butcher & grocer.”

470 See also under Barrett Brothers.

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