William Margach [ 1835 (Approx.) - ]

William Margach was from Lindsay and as far as can be determined, never lived in Fenelon Falls. In 1871 he is recorded in the Census as a 36 year-old, Scottish-born land agent. In May of 1874, however, he contracted with A. McBurney, also of Lindsay, to build a three storey, 40 room, hotel in the village. Constructed over the summer of that year it was open for business by October under the name of the “Royal Hotel” and was operated by Mr. William Porter [CP 15 May 1874; 4 ; 10 July 1874; 2 ; 23 Oct 1874; 2 ; 13 Nov 1874; 3]. It was afterwards reported that Margach was living in Prince Arthur’s Landing, where he held a “government office.”

466 Variant spelling: Margack. The references to the Fenelon Falls operation always spell the name Margach.

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