William Hamilton [ 1823 (Approx.) - ]

William Hamilton is listed as a 48 year-old, Scottish-born machinist and “founder” in the 1871 Peterborough Census. He first appears in the directories of the Village in September 18711, but he is not listed regularly until July 1873. By 1874 his foundry was noted in the railway survey “located near Cameron Lake, north of the Anglican parsonage‚Ķ” [CP 22 May 1874; 1]. The business was known locally as Hamilton’s Foundry and sometimes as the Fenelon Foundry.

Hamilton was cursed with accidents and fires. In March of 1875 he was severely scalded by pipes attached to a boiler [CP 5 March 1875; 3], and on May 11th, 1876 the foundry was “totally destroyed [by fire] together with all contents” [CP 12 May 1876; 3]. He began rebuilding by June, and construction was finished by November 1876. Nonetheless, by May 1877 he had decided to return to Peterborough [CP 4 May 1877; 3]. The foundry was sold in June 1877 to Messrs. Robson and Robson [CP 15 June 1877; 3] and was afterwards known as the Cameron Lake Foundry.

Hamilton is listed in the business section of the 1871 Census, although the enumerator has scratched out the entry stating “This establishment commenced the 16th of March, no business done of any account.” Hamilton was left out of D&B for all of 1872, and does not appear again until July 1873.

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