William G. Bryson [ 1842 (Approx.) - ]

Although he appears in the directories under a variety of different initials, Dr. Bryson had his residence and practice on May Street, and acted as the coroner for the village in the 1870’s. Bryson appears in the 1871 census as a 29 year-old physician and surgeon working in Lindsay, nonetheless Lovell’s Province of Ontario Directory for 1871 also lists him in the village . He appears more regularly after 1876. Dr. Bryson was widely regarded and had a reputation for “his skill in the treatment of broken bones and lumber accident victims” [CP 29 April 1881; 3]. He first left the village “for a season if not for good” in November 1880 to set up practice in Orono [FFG 4 Dec 1880; 2], but he returned to Fenelon for an occasional visit and advertised to see patients. By May 1881 he returned to stay [FFG 4 June 1881; 2], but left again during the summer of 1882 and went to Port Arthur [FFG 29 Sept 1883; 2]. Bryson often returned to the area, and in 1892 was listed as “The eminent Surgeon and Specialist of Chicago” [FFG 23 Sept 1892; 5].

55 Variant names and initials: J., J.W., W.G., and William.

56 Bryson may have had a medical office in the village.

57 An engraved portrait of Bryson was published as part of an advertisement stating that Bryson would “occupy parlors” in the Simpson House, Lindsay, from September 24th to October 1st, 1892.

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