Whitney W. Blott [ 1850 - 1893 ]

W.W. Blott was certainly in business in a small way before April 21st, 1884, as he lost his restaurant and dwelling (valued at $300) in the great fire that burned out the west side of Colborne Street between Bond and Francis. Blott had been renting a wooden building owned by John A. Ellis [FFG 26 April 1884; 2]. By the 1st of May, Blott advertised that he had opened out again in Jordan’s new brick block on Colborne Street [FFG 3 May 1884; 2], and by November he had expanded and opened an oyster parlour over his store [FFG 1 Nov. 1884; 2]. The grocery business was sold to William Waffle in November of 1887, and Blott moved into Waffle’s store to carry on with the fruit and restaurant business [CP 11 Nov. 1887; 1]. The “fine displays” in the front of the shop were noticed in the press, as was “a handsome showcase with a nickel plated frame” and a “mirror in the back which enables Mr. Blott’s fair customers to take a peep at themselves while looking at the candies, etc, that the case contains” [FFG 1 May 1891; 4]. Blott sold the “Fenelon Falls Restaurant” to J.C. Roy, of Minden, in June of 1892 [FFG 3 June 1892; 4]. Blott was suffering from “ill health,” and he died in Fenelon Falls on the 28th of January 1893, aged 42 years and 4 months [FFG 3rd Feb. 1893; 5].

29 NOT BLOTTED OUT.” is the title of his advertisement [FFG 3 May 1884; 2]

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