Walter R. Madill

Walter R. Madill, a “young man” from Whitby, purchased the drug and book store business of William E. Ellis in February 1892 [FFG 19 Feb 1892; 4]. The store was in the McArthur Block. Madill left the village a year later on February 14th, 1893 “having been offered a tempting salary to travel for a wholesale drug firm in Toronto” [FFG 10 Feb 1893; 5]. The business was to be conducted by a deputy until it was disposed of; Herb Gregory was in charge of the store in December 1893 upon the resignation of John Curry [CP 8 Dec 1893; 9]. A year later, in February 1894 the business was sold to Mr. H.J. Lytle of Cambray [CP 16 Feb 1894; 8].

457 Variant first name: Wm. [William] Madill

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