T.W. Reade

Suggitt claims that a T.L. Reade settled at the Falls in 1873 and opened his office on Francis Street West (Suggitt; 280). I have not been able to confirm this date, but ads for Dr. Reade do appear in the early Gazettes. Reade sold out to Dr. J.H. Lowe and left the Falls for Niagara in June of 1881 [CP 10 June 1881; 3].

639 Variant spelling: Reid, and variant initials; T.L.

640 T.W. Reade, B.A., M.D. — Trinity College, Toronto … formerly physician at the Insane Asylam, London, Ont. N.B. Special attention paid to diseases of women and children. Office for the present on Francis St. West, Fenelon Falls [FFG 29 Jan 1881; 2 (ad)].

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