Townley Brothers [ 1886, 1883 - 1938, 1949 ]

  • Tailor 1907 - 1938 (Approx.)

Arthur Leonard (Art) (1886-1938) and H.J. (Herbert John) (1883-1949) took over the tailoring business started by their father after his death in 1907. Their shop was located on the west side of Colborne Street. “H.J. was the cutter and fitter while Art was the salesman.” According to his obituary, H.J. was unable to carry on the business after his brother’s death so he accepted the position of village clerk and secretary treasurer of the Board, a position he held until his sudden death on April 2nd, 1949. [FFPL: 49.11-12, 14-15]. Both men are buried in the Fenelon Falls Cemetery.

769 Fenelon Falls: “Then & Now”; 75

770 I suspect this means the Village Council.

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