Thomas Torrance [ 1816 (Approx.) - ]

  • Shoes 1871, 1880 (Approx.) - 1876, 1881 (Approx.)

Thomas Torrance is listed as a 55 year-old, Scottish-born shoemaker in the 1871 census. An entry in the business section of the 1871 Census states his shop was open 12 months a year and employed two men (probably Torrance and his son Andrew [see above]), but that they kept no strict accounts of how many shoes they made. The value of their yearly product was $600.00. The enumerator concludes that the business was “worked by father and son at random. All sorts of jobbing.”

Torrance remained in business until about 1876, when his name vanishes from the directories. His wife, Mary Stewart, died in February 1878 and is buried in the Fenelon Falls cemetery, and Torrance may have left the village soon thereafter. In 1880 the newspapers announced that “Mr. Thomas Torrance, who left here a few years ago, has returned and opened a boot and shoe shop on Francis Street” [CP 20 Feb 1880; 1], perhaps in connection with Andrew Torrance. Although listed in the 1881 Census as a shoemaker, the business, at least under Thomas’ name, soon vanishes, and he is not listed in the 1891 Census.

766 Variant spelling: Torrence. 767 There is a 16 year-old Thomas Torrance listed as the oldest son of Andrew.

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