Thomas R. Poulsom [ 1865 - 1943 ]

  • Blacksmith 1891-1893, 1907-1911, 1919 (Approx.) - N/A

Thomas R. Poulson [sic] is listed as a 26 year-old Presbyterian blacksmith in the 1891 Census. He was “one of our village blacksmiths” in June of 1893 when he injured his hand [CP 2 June 1893; 6], but vanishes from the record until September 1899 (he may have been working for someone else) when Poulson & West appear in D&B. This partnership lasted until the summer of 1905 when the following appeared in the Fenelon Falls Star. “As will be seen in another column, Messrs. Poulson & West, blacksmiths, contemplate retiring from business for a time at least, and on Saturday night will close their shop. Mr. Poulson intends to make a trip to the North west and Mr. West will enter the Chemical Works. [FFS 5:47 (Aug 17, 1905); 1]

“Retiring From Business”. Having decided to retire from business for a time at least, we beg to notify our many customers that our blacksmith shop will be closed after Saturday next. We also desire to thank our many friends for their liberal patronage during the past seven years and trusting that we again at any future date enter into business in Fenelon Falls that we will again be favored with their patronage as in the past. T. Poulson, T. West. [FFS 5:47 (Aug 17, 1905); 1]

Poulsom is then listed on his own from 1907 to 1911. The business was re-established in the summer of 1911 under the name Poulsom and West and continued until the summer of 1919. Thereafter Poulsom was again listed on his own. Thomas R Poulsom died August 31st, 1943 and was buried in the Fenelon Falls Cemetery.

620 Variant spelling: Polson, Poulson, Poulsom. The 1891 Census states the correct spelling was Poulsom.

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