Thomas H. Robinson

The store operated by Thomas H. Robinson was probably in Fenelon Township outside of the village limits but it was apparently a large operation. Thomas H. Robinson is listed in the 1861 census of Fenelon as a 37 year-old merchant with a $2000 capital investment in his business. He and his wife Catherine had five children and one cow worth $20.00. They employed on average 15 men and one woman (who was paid $4.00 per month). The value of their annual production was certainly over $1000.00 [the first number is smudged]. Robinson had certainly vanished from the area by 1871.

645 The name is definitely Robinson in the Census records. There is a Thomas Robson (born 1824-died 1917) buried in the village cemetery but there appears to be no connection between the two men.

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