Thomas E. Nevison [ 1836 (Approx.) - ]

Thomas Nevison is listed in the 1871 census as a 35 year-old, English-born harness maker in Fenelon Township. Thomas was certainly working in a shop either with or alongside John Nevison in 1877 when they were both burned out in the March fire [CP 16 March 1877; 1]. He may at times have worked in Fenelon Township rather than in the village as his name does not always appear with the Fenelon Falls listings.

By September 1880 “Mr. Thomas Nevison, harness maker, [was] moving into the premises next door to Messrs. Kennedy and Newman’s general store” [FFG 18 Sept 1880; 2]. He departed for Cannington in January of 1882 and left his brother Joseph, “who is now the only harness maker in the village, which is just able to support one comfortably, and no more” [FFG 21 Jan 1882; 2 : 27 Jan 1882; 3]. Thomas was described as a steady, industrious man and a good workman. He had been in business in the village about five years according to Hand. His wife, Ester, died 24 July 1888, in Regina, so they had certainly moved to the west by that date [LW 9 Aug 1888; 3].

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