The Post Office

Postal services were established in Fenelon Falls on August 6th, 18381 [Suggitt; 103, 275] with James Wallis as the first postmaster. By the mid-1840s there was a post office located on Colborne Street [FF T+N; 135]. Although it changed location throughout the years the Post Office was always a village landmark. Everyone in town knew where it was, and the Post Office was used to locate other stores and businesses in newspaper ads and promotions (i.e. “two doors north of the Post Office”). Before the railway, mail was sent to Lindsay and then delivered to the village by “horseback, cutter, waggon, or sleigh, at the option of the contractor” [CP 2 June 1865; 3]. Weather interruptions and delays were frequent. In the early years the P.O. also provided essential banking services; money was kept in the Post office savings bank as it was authorized to grant and pay money orders. The P.O. also housed a book store in 1897 [FFG 27 Aug 1897; 5].

The Post office remained an essential part of Colborne Street until it moved to the “market square” in 1968, where it remains today [FF Then & Now; 133].

619 Other sources say August 1838 [Fenelon Twsp, 283].

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