Sales agents for “this most useful invention” were in Lindsay by 1877 [CP 26 Oct 1877; 3], and public demonstrations of the new device were underway in Lindsay by 1880 [CP 27 Feb 1880; 3]. Nonetheless, local telephone service did not start in the village until September 1891, when phone lines were first brought from Lindsay [Suggitt; 105]. By 1895 telephone lines had been “put into the Toronto Financial Corporation’s office, the residences of Dr. Wilson & Rev. Father Nolan, Mr. John A. Ellis’s mill and the Fenelon Falls Hospital. This brings the number of village subscriptions up to eighteen–the largest number of any village of its size in the province of Ontario. In neither Bobcaygeon nor Omemee is there a single telephone except the one at the central office” [FFG 22 Nov 1895; 5]. Their use quickly spread.

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