Stephen Nevison [ 1851 (Approx.) - 1922 ]

Stephen Nevison, like his brothers Joseph and Thomas, was born in England and settled in Verulam Township with his parents. After his marriage he moved to Fenelon Falls and went into business. His advertisement appeared in the Gazette in February 1884 [FFG 9 Feb 1884; 2]. “Stephen Nevison, painter and dealer in prints and pictures” was located on the west side of Colborne St, in one of William Jordan’s stores. After only a few months he was burnt out in the great fire of April 1884 [FFG 26 April 1884; 2], but quickly reopened in one of Jordan’s new stores (Jordan Block). In July 1885 the display shelves in his store collapsed spilling their stock of fancy goods, china, toys and stationary onto the floor [FFG 11 July 1885; 2]. By the late 1880’s he was dealing in jewelry, and his oil painted shades were an advertised “specialty.”Nevison gave up the painting business and sold all the stock in 1892 [FFG 26 Aug 1892; 4]. This side of the business may have been taken over by Chas. H. Nevison [a relation?] who advertised in the Gazette as a house, sign and decorative painter, and wall paper hanger. Orders were placed at S. Nevison’s store [FFG 30 Aug 1895; 1]. He may have also acted as Stephen’s assistant. The business moved frequently, but when Thomas Northey was burnt out in November 1892, Nevison made an agreement with him in March 1893 to build a new brick store. The white brick block on the west side of Colborne Street containing three stores (one for Nevison, two for Northey) was completed by the end of summer. Hand referred to the store as Nevison’s Bazaar in 1895 [FFG 22 Feb 1895; 1]. The business appears to have ceased operations sometime around 1900, when Nevison may have moved to Lindsay. For many years he was Chief of Police in Fenelon Falls, and held the same position in Lindsay for seven years. Nevison died December 14th, 1922, aged 71 [FFPL 22.21].

587 Variant initials: S.F.

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