Standard Chemical Company (Head office, Toronto)

In February 1897, A.G. Peuchen, president and manager of the Standard Chemical Company of Toronto, leased the old Napanee Pulp Mill from its former owners and began its conversion to a chemical factory for the production of wood alcohol, acetate of lime and other products [FFG 12 Feb 1897; 4]. By late August, it commenced operations with J.H. McNally as the superintendent [FFG 3 Sept 1897; 4]. The mill was soon in the market for locally cut hardwood which proved a boon to area farmers (especially in the winter months), and for refuse wood from the saw mills. The woods consumed were chiefly maple and hard birch. In 1898 lime was also being purchased from local sources and burned in “the kiln acquired by the Chemical Co” [FFG 3 June 1898; 4]. By 1904, there were 25 hands employed in the plant, with six men on duty all night [Goad; 1]. The plant was said to “be in a very thriving condition” and its capacity had been doubled. The Company disappears from the directories in the fall of 1912.

730 Variant name in D&B: Standard Chemical Iron & Lumber Co. of Canada (Limited) [1911, July, Sept][1912, Jan, March, July] 731 POWLES CORNERS. Mr. N. Day has four or five teams drawing wood to the Standard Chemical Co. of FF to whom he has sold six or seven hundred cords. The wood was cut last winter, and Mr. Day has a few men cutting more this winter [FFG 21 Jan 1898; 5]. 732 W.L. Goodwin. "The Manufacture of Charcoal and By-Products in Ontario". (London: Eyre and Spttiswoode, 1902) : 10. Reprinted from the Journal of the Society of Chemical Industry (16 June 1902).

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