S.S. Penhale

  • Tailor 1894 (Approx.) - 1903 (Approx.)

S.S. Penhale was certainly working in the village as a tailor by the summer of 1894, but there is some uncertainty whether he was in partnership with Robert Taggart [FFG 30 Mar 1894; 4] or if he was employed in the shop of A. Clark & Son [FFG 6 July 1894; 5]. One thing is for sure he was going back and forth to Toronto during the next year. He returned a married man in March of 1895 and advertised his new shop in the Jordan block, “at the Fashionable Tailor Shop, opposite [the] water fountain” two doors north of the Mechanics’ Institute [FFG 1 March 1895; 4 : 22 March 1895; 4]. The business disappears from the directories after 1903.

617 Variant spelling: Penhal, Penhall

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