Smith & McArthur

  • Saw Mill 1870 (Approx.) - 1873 (Approx.)

Smith & McArthur was the result of a partnership with David Gow Smith and one of the McArthur brothers, possibly Alexander. The firm first appears in D&B in January 1871, and it is listed in the 1871 Census as working 11 months, with 4 men and 4 boys (under 12 years) employed in the mill. Powered by steam the mill cut 4 million shingles valued at $8000.00. Later that year, on 26 July 1871 the James Dickson papers record a $2000 fire in Smith and McArthur’s Shingle Mill. The partnership lasted until late 1872 or early 1873. D.G. Smith & Co. is the sole operator in the July 1873 edition of D&B.

707 This is a speculation, but it certainly is consistent with the McArthurs’ business interests.

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