Smith & Co.

  • Lumber 1874 (Approx.) - 1876 (Approx.)

A large building (later described as a house) owned by Smith & Company, “which was one of the oldest buildings in the village and therefore more or less venerated for its age” was destroyed by fire on April 16, 1874 [CP 17 April 1874; 3]. Smith & Co. appears to have been one of the names under which R.C. Smith operated his lumber business in Fenelon Falls.

D&B used this entry from 1874 to 1876. Hand in 1881 states the break up of the firm of Smith & Co. “four or five years ago” caused the construction of the stone mill to be stopped, and he is talking about the R.C. Smith Company [FFG 30 April 1881; 2].

701 It is sometimes difficult to determine if Smith & Co. and Smith & Fell were the same firm. Some directories state “R.C. Smith & Co.” so we must assume it was a variant name for the R.C. Smith Company.

702 Could this have been one of James Wallis’s early buildings? Perhaps his original tavern?

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