Simon St. Michel [ 1839 (Approx.) - ]

  • Butcher 1871 (Approx.) - 1880 (Approx.)

Simon St. Michel started in business sometime in the early 1870’s as he is listed as a 32 year-old, Quebec-born butcher in the 1871 Census, as well as in Lovell’s Province of Ontario Directory. By 1874 St. Michel formed a partnership with another butcher named Didace Grise and they operated a butcher and grocery store throughout most of the 1870’s. Either the partnership disintegrated or the business failed by April 1879. St. Michel set up on his own again and his store was briefly described; “During Easter week Mr. S. St. Michel, butcher, had his place of business decorated very prettily with evergreens, flags, and rosettes made of tissue-paper” [CP 18 April 1879; 3].

He disappears from the directories after 1880, but retained property in the village as late as the summer of 1883. St. Michel was involved in a lawsuit with William Jordan over the value of a brick store built by Grise and St. Michel and “recently purchased” by Jordan. Jordan was “adjudged to pay $1,100 [FFG 9 June 1883; 2], and St. Michel disappears from the record.

672 Variant spelling: St. Meichel, Simeon, and St. Michael, Simon

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