Scully Block

The Scully Block, owned by Daniel Scully, was completed by February of 1874 “at the [south-west] corner of Colborne and Bond Streets.” The contractor was Mr. McBurney of Lindsay, and the “large brick structure” contained two “Commodious stores with a public hall above” [FFG 26 April 1884; 2]. The hall was frequently used for Village Council meetings as early as 1875, and for village concerts1.”The two stores in the Scully Block, which so long remained idle, are now both occupied” [FFG 24 July 1880; 2). Mr. George Keith and William Campbell have rented stores. Other occupants of the Scully Block included “Mr. Swanton” and Capt. Crandell. The entire Block was leased to Captain Crandell for a Hotel in 1882 [FFG 16 Dec 1882; 2]. The building was destroyed, along with the rest of the west side of Colborne Street from Bond to Francis, in the great fire of April 21st 1884. The lot was then sold to McDougall and Brandon who built the North Star Roller Mill.

694 “We would suggest to the management of Scully’s Hall that the windows be made to draw down from the top, instead of the dangerous plan at presently in use of lifting from the bottom. It was plainly observable in the last concert that the ventilation was imperfect. A door-keeper might also with propriety be appointed to shut and open the door with less noise” [CP 21 Dec 1877; 3].

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