Samuel Newman [ 1846 (Approx.) - 1903 ]

Samuel Newman is listed as a 25 year-old Ontario-born store-keeper in the 1871 census of Victoria County. He was a partner of John Kennedy in the firm of Kennedy and Newman until its dissolution in 1874, although their store may have continued operating until 1875. Newman’s business reappears in the directories by January 1876 and although listed as a general store, he sold groceries as well. Newman was also a landlord; in 1878 he rented part of a brick building on Colborne Street to A.W. Lasher [CP 27 Sept 1878; 2].

Samuel Newman sold out his grocery business to Samuel Johnson of Verulam in February 1882 [FFG 25 Feb 1882; 2] although he continued to be listed as a grocer in some sources. Newman owned and occupied half of the Kennedy and Newman block when he was burnt out in April 1884. The walls of this block were one of the few things left standing, and they were soon knocked down, although many bricks were retrieved for new construction [FFG 3 May 1884; 2]. After the fire Newman bought the old Methodist Church at auction for $105.00 and had it moved down Colborne Street to the site of his old store. It was then converted into two stores, one for himself, the other for Mr. Johnston [FFG 3 May 1884; 2]. By the summer, a new brick block was under construction on Newman’s property and it was probably finished by early winter. In 1892, Newman sold two sections of his new building to Thomas and Alfred Northey, but on Friday November 18th a fire started in Alfred Northey’s shop and the Newman block, the old Methodist Church and another frame building owned by John A. Ellis were all destroyed [FFG 18 Nov 1892; 4]. Seven businesses were lost, in addition to the Mechanic’s Institute.

Newman vanishes from the directories for a year, but is listed in D&B throughout 1894 selling groceries and boots & shoes. He vanishes from the directories again in 1895, and may have retired as he was still listed as a resident in 1901. He died at the age of 58 on May 4th, 1903 [FFPL: 03.5] and was buried in the Fenelon Falls Cemetery.

588 This is probably the Kennedy and Newman Block. 589 Samuel Newman, brick store and dwelling. Insured for $1430 on building, furniture and clothing. Loss on stock about $1500. Insurance policy ran out a few days before the fire occurred." [FFG 26 April 1884; 2]. 590 It is to be 42 x 50 feet, two stories high, or red brick with a white front, and will contain three single stores. Messrs. Barker and Broad are to do the stone and brickwork, and Mr. Thos. Littleton the carpenter work... cost is estimated to be $2,500. [VW 1 Aug 1884; 8].

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