Robson & Robson

Robson & Robson was made up of a partnership between Thomas and William L. Robson. William L. started in business in 1873, and around 1877 Thomas joined him in partnership. As Thomas was an Iron founder, he probably began to do foundry work in addition to running the store. William L.’s shop was among nine others that were burnt in March 1876 [CP 31 March 1876; 2], but he was back up in business the following month [CP 21 April 1876; 3]. Thomas and William appear to have entered into a partnership as the firm was known as Robson & Robson after this date, but the grocery stores was again burned in March 1877 [CP 16 March 1877; 3]. After two fires within the year, a decision was made in June to abandon groceries and purchase the Cameron Lake Foundry from William Hamilton [CP 15 June 1877; 3]. As its name states, the foundry was located “on Cameron Lake north of the Anglican parsonage” [CP 22 May 1874; 1]. The foundry produced simple agricultural machinery and implements such as various types of ploughs, fanning mills, root and straw cutters, and cutting boxes. The partnership was dissolved on February 24th, 1882, when William sold his share of the business to Robert Cecil Allan [FFG 4 March 1882; 2].

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