Robert Rutherford [ 1847 - 1925 ]

Robert Rutherford was born in Smith Township, Peterborough County [FFPL 25.13]. By 1876 he opened a grocery store in the McArthur Block; “Mr. Robert Rutherford has a considerable portion of his opening stock here and is ready to open” when the painting is done in the almost completed McArthur Block [CP 3 Nov 1876; 3]. By the end of the month his announcement appeared; “Mr. Robert Rutherford has opened a new grocery store in McArthur’s Block” [CP 1 Dec 1876; 1].

By 1878 he appears to have given up on groceries. On the first of October 1878 Rutherford took over the lease of the McArthur House hotel [CP 27 Sept 1878; 2]. Rutherford was well known for the piano and billiard tables he added “to the comforts” of the hotel. He acted as proprietor until April 1881 when E. Pauwels of Cobourg purchased the lease [FFG 2 April 1881; 2]. He appears to have attempted to open another hotel or tavern in Fenelon Falls as a petition for a wine and beer license was presented to the Village Council on June 2nd, 1881. It was refused on June 6th as “not appropriate at this time.” Rutherford apparently became a carpenter and builder [FFG 18 Oct 1889: 5] and may have moved out of the village. Both the 1891 and 1901 Censuses list him as a carpenter in Fenelon Township. He was working on James Stanton’s building in 1896 [FFG 24 Jan 1896: 5].

Rutherford died in 1925 and was buried in the Fenelon Falls Cemetery.

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