Richard M. Butler

McDougall and Brandon sold out their grocery and provisions business at No. 3 McArthur’s Block to R.M. Butler of Barrie in April of 1884. He “will take possession in a few days” [FFG 12 April 1884; 2]. On May 1st Butler advertised that he had also purchased “Mr. Geo. Manning’s stock of boots & shoes at a reduced rate” [FFG 3 May 1884; 2]. Manning had been burnt out in the fire of April 21st, and had decided to retire [VW 9 May 1884; 8]. Although Butler announced his intention of renting a house then under construction on Market Street, the business does not appear to have lasted much beyond 1886. His business was bought out by William Burgoyne. Butler was buying grain in October 1886 [FFG 3 Oct 1886; 2] but he eventually returned to Barrie. He was living there in 1895, when he returned to the village for a visit [FFG 30 August 1895; 4].

71 “Mr. Butler, though a young man, has a business experience of many years, and for some time past has acted as a commercial traveller for a leading wholesale house. He is thoroughly experiences in the line of goods in which he will deal…” [FFG 12 April 1884; 2]. Nine days later on April 21st half the stores in the village were destroyed by fire. Luckily Butler’s business was untouched.

72 See under Burgoyne. In a 1928 article on William Burgoyne it states that he bought out Butler’s store about 1884.

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