Quebec & Ottawa House Hotel

The Quebec and Ottawa House Hotel may have been owned by the McArthur Brothers. It was certainly in operation by November 1871, when James Dickson recorded in his diary [15 Nov 1871] that the hotel “where I board has been rented to John Swanton”. An ad in the Bobcaygeon Independent [15 June 1872: 3] relates that this was “a large new hotel” and that the proprietors were John Swanton & Bro’s.” In late March 1874 Swanton sold out to Peter Begin who promptly “laid in a heavy stock” of liquor, furniture, etc. On April 16, 1874 the hotel burned to the ground and Begin suffered heavy losses [CP 17 April 1874; 3 : 24 April 1874; 2]. While insured for $3000.00 the real losses were estimated to be $4700. In early June the rubble of the old Hotel was about to be removed and construction was to commence shortly afterwards on Joseph McArthur’s new brick hotel [CP 5 June 1874; 3].

626 Variant name: Swanton House

627 It was “Mr. McArthur” who commenced building “his new hotel” (what was to become the McArthur House Hotel) on the site of the old one. As the new McArthur House Hotel was on the north-west corner of Colborne and Water streets, we can assume that this was the location of the Quebec and Ottawa House.

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