P. (Patrick) Kelly [ 1817 (Approx.) - ]

Mr. Kelly was the caretaker of the Mechanic’s Institute (a forerunner of the Public Library) that was established in the village in 1878. Kelly first appears in the record about 1884, when the Institute and Kelly’s attached residence was destroyed in the fire of April 1884. Messrs M. [Martin] and P. [Patrick] Kelly were voted $40.00 “for their very efficient caretaking, and a mark of our appreciation of their work in rearranging the books in the new Institute” after another fire in November of 1892 [FFG 9 Dec 1892; 4] again damaged the library. Kelly “completed his 79th year” on March 17th, 1896 and was described by Hand as a “genial old man”, “unusually hale and hearty”, “with something, still, of the military bearing imparted by long service in the army, and from present appearances is likely to live for a long time yet” [FFG 20 March 1896; 4]. At various times, Kelly was described as the librarian, but there is no evidence he was ever officially granted that position. He was still working on his 80th birthday [FFG 19 March 1897; 4], and still active in 1901 [FFPL 01.[1A]]. He is not listed in the 1901 Census of the village or the Township.

Martin Kelly was also listed as “secretary and librarian” in some sources2. He was the son of Patrick Kelly and was still living with his father in 1891 when they are listed together in the Census. Like Patrick he was not listed in the 1901 Census of the area.

424 This is how Kelly was described in the obituary of his wife Catherine [FFG 26 July 1895; 5].

425 See for example, Classified Business Directory for the Counties of Durham, Northumberland, Peterborough and Victoria (1887) (Ingersoll : C.R. Patience, 1887)

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