M.W. (Martin) Minthorne [ 1858 (Approx.) - 1924 ]

  • Drugs 1871 (Approx.) - 1873 (Approx.)

Although he began as a teacher at the age of 17 in Verulam Township, Martin Minthorne opened a drug store sometime during 1871. He is listed in the 1871 Census of Victoria County as a 23 year-old, Ontario-born druggist. James Dickson recorded in his diary that he bought a book at Minthorne’s store on February 13, 1872. Minthorne’s name appears in the Fenelon Falls listings of D&B for only a few years from July 1871 to July 1873, although, as he also operated drug stores in Bobcaygeon and Lindsay, his name continues to appear in the local press. After leaving the drug business, he became a commercial traveller, and “about 27 years ago” became actively engaged in real estate “until about a year ago.” He died December 23rd, 1924 in New Westminister, B.C. in his 78th year [FFPL 25.1]; “A.E. Minthorne (town)” was his brother.

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