Mrs. R. McDougall

  • Millinery 1889/1890 (Approx.) - 1902 (Approx.)

Mrs. R. McDougall was planning a business in October 1889, as she is recorded as “moving her household furniture to the rooms up stairs in Jordan’s block vacated by Mr. Nevison” [FFG 4 Oct 1889; 1]. Her plans, nonetheless, must have changed for by 1890 she was in a store “two doors north of the Post Office.” The business appears to have done well as there were several assistants including a Miss E. Earle, a Miss Duffy, and later Miss Myrtle Washburn. In 1895 she advertised that “Produce [was] taken in exchange at Mrs. R. McDougall’s” and that her “trimmed hats are the most stylish to be had in Fenelon Falls” [FFG 22 Nov 1895; 4].

“Mrs. McDougall’s Millinery Opening” in April 1897 “… on Thursday and Friday last … far exceeded any previous display ever made in Fenelon Falls. The showrooms were artistically draped, and the profusion of flowers in the rooms were so real looking that one could hardly believe that they were artificial. The ladies kept pouring in from early morning until late at night, and Mrs. McDougall and her assistants were kept busy showing the beautiful hats and bonnets…” [FFG 16 April 1897; 4]. The shop lasted until at least September 1898 when H.E. Austin moved his restaurant to the “premises formerly occupied by Mrs. R. McDougall” [FFG 14 Oct 1898; 5]. The shop then vanishes from the directories, although other sources claim the business was taken over by Myrtle Washburn in 1902.

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