Mr. Huff

  • Baker 1892 (Approx.) - N/A

Mr. Huff, of the late firm of Lane & Huff1, bakers of Bobcaygeon, intended to come to Fenelon Falls and commence business on Francis Street sometime in the late summer of 1892 [FFG 5 August 1892; 4]. Hand commented that his arrival would make him the third baker in the village, and “how they will all manage to exist is more than we can tell.” Huff’s business did not survive past December, when his shop was taken over by Angus Fountain [CP 16 Dec 1892; 1].

371 There is no evidence in D&B that Lane & Huff actually existed. Huff is not listed in the Bobcaygeon directories before August 1892, or afterwards. The only Lane in Bobcaygeon at the time was C.T. Lane & Sons, who were mill owners. In the Sept 1892 edition of D&B A.F. Lane & Co., Grocers, is recorded.

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