Montreal Telegraph Company

In March 1870 the Lindsay Expositor reported that the Montreal Telegraph Company was “making preparations for extending their line from Lindsay to Fenelon Falls and Bobcaygeon” [LE 24 March 1870; 2]. About 900 poles were laid down along the route [Lindsay to Bobcaygeon, via Fenelon] by May [LE 12 May 1870; 2]. James Dickson records in his diary for 1870 that the telegraph line was opened that year. In 1881 the wire was removed from its route along the “travelled road” and re-installed along the railway track [FFG 5 Feb 1881; 2]. In October 1881 the Montreal and Dominion Telegraph companies amalgamated to form the Great North-Western Telegraph Company, with George Cunningham as their Fenelon Falls agent. The Montreal’s office then was closed and their instruments moved to Cunningham’s store [FFG 29 Oct 1881; 2].

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