Kennedy & Newman

Sometime before July 1871, John W. Kennedy formed a partnership with Samuel Newman to operate a general store known as Kennedy & Newman. The partnership lasted until December 1874, when it was announced that the two were going out of business, and were to be succeeded by H.P. Heming of Montreal [CP 4 Dec 1874; 3]. After six years the partnership was renewed in 1880, for an ad appeared in the Gazette announcing that Kennedy and Newman had “resumed business in Mr. Newman’s old stand” selling dry goods, groceries, and boots and shoes [FFG 10 July 1880; 3]. Again the partnership does not appear to have lasted for Kennedy left the village for Manitoba in February 1882 [FFG 25 Feb 1882; 2].

426 The partnership was created between January and July 1871, when it first appears in D&B.

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